What delivery methods are available?

EU wide shipping with Montapacking, our fulfilment partner in The Netherlands (3-7 working days) - €4.99

UK shipping (2nd class with Royal Mail) - €3.99 (head over to our UK website for more options)

International shipping with Royal Mail (5-14 working days) - €9.99

Can I return or replace a product?

At Yumi we offer our customers great nutritional products, as well as first class service. This includes a fast and simple returns policy. You can return any unwanted items you have received within 30 days of receipt if the product hasn’t been opened.

If you need a replacement for a different product of the same value, we will send a replacement free of charge after you return the previous item. Please email hey@yuminutrition.eu first, telling us your order number and why you require a replacement. Please also confirm your shipping address.

After you heard back from us, just pack the corresponding item(s), seal the package securely, remove the original label completely if you are using the original mailing bag and post your item to:

Yumi Nutrition Returns, 10 Exchange Quay, Trafford Road, Salford Quays, M5 3EQ, United Kingdom

Once we have received the returned items, we will send you the replacement.

How much are the return costs?

At this time our policy is that customers return items to at their own cost unless the goods are faulty. For more information, please see our Returns, Refunds & Cancellations Policy.

How do I get my money back?

Once we have received and checked your return, you will receive a refund. This usually takes up to 5 business days to complete. In the case of a refund to a credit card, the refund may take up to 30 days to complete. Yumi offers the following refund options:

- In the case of credit card payments, your credit card account will be credited.
- In the case of payments via PayPal, your PayPal account will be credited.
A refund through other means of payment is not possible, unless your credit card has expired. In this case, we need your bank details (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT) to refund the amount into your bank account. Should you have any questions about the Yumi returns policy, you can contact our customer service agents at any time at hey@yuminutrition.eu.

Is there any wheat or gluten in the products?

We formulate all of our products without wheat or wheat-derivatives. The following products do not contain any gluten ingredients:

• Hair, Skin and Nails

• Sunshine

• Immunity Support

• All Day Energy

• Mindfulness

• Lean & Detox

• Gut Health

• Our Bedtime (5HTP) gummies contain gluten free malt syrup

Is gelatin used in Yumi products?

Our products do not contain gelatin and are vegan verified.

Do you need vitamins?

Absolutely; the word "vitamin" is Latin for "vital for life". You cannot create vitamins in your body, so they must come from your diet. 

A healthy diet full of proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and good fat can provide the essential nutrients you need, but only one in ten people actually follow this diet. Ultimately, the majority of people don't get all of the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to function properly and healthily, so taking vitamin supplements help ensure your basic needs are met. 

Research also shows that supplementation with vitamins and minerals can optimise the function of your body system. This will help you think, feel, perform and sleep better, and age in a healthy way.

Can I take multiple Yumi products in combination with one another?

Yes, of course! Yumi gummies have been designed to be used in combination with one another to help you address your daily needs and help achieve your personal health goals.

What's natural about Yumi products?

Everything! Colours and flavours are all derived from fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs.

What about the sweetners in Yumi gummies?

We use various natural sweeteners including sugar from sugarcane and corn (not high fructose corn syrup) to make our gummies. We chose not to use artificial sweeteners because they have been linked to bad health issues, and we wanted to stick with only natural ingredients.

We believe the health benefits that go along with enriching your diet far outweighs the slight disadvantage of delivering them with sugar. Importantly, the amount of sugar in a serving of Yumi gummies (around 2g) is roughly equivalent to eating about 5-10 raisins or drinking an eighth of a cup of apple juice. 

The real benefits of Yumi gummies is that people actually enjoy taking them - so people are consistent with using them. If supplements do not get eaten because the experience is unpleasant - they are not very effective supplements!

What if I eat more than the recommended serving size of gummies?

We do not recommend exceeding the recommended serving size. Each product was formulated by nutritional experts to deliver an effective dose of active ingredients that address daily needs and promote optimum health benefits.

While our products are easily eliminated from the body without causing any side effects, high doses of fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins D and A are stored by the body. However, none of our products contain added iron, the primary concern in cases of multivitamin overdose.

Please contact your physician or doctor to discuss your concern.

How is safety, purity and quality ensured?

We take great pride in delivering supplements and products that are as safe and effective as they are great to consume. We have implemented tested, safe and rigorous standards in place to ensure we work with only the best suppliers and manufacturing partners. 

Our products are made and approved in accordance with the FSA good manufacturing practices that require our manufacturers to validate the composition, identity, strength, and purity of all products produced.

Are Yumi gummies safe for breastfeeding?

We recommend always speaking with your doctor or physician prior to taking any dietary supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Are Yumi bottles recyclable?

Yes! All of our Yumi Nutrition containers can be recycled.

How should I store my Yumi gummies?

It is best to store your supplements in a cool, dry place at room temperature. It is also important to keep them away from direct sunlight and other heat sources as the gummies can melt if stored over 40°C.

How long are Yumi products good for?

Yumi products expire 24 months from the date at which they were manufactured. Vitamins and minerals naturally break down over time, so whilst they’re safe to take, we do not guarantee their effectiveness.

Does it matter when I take my Yumi gummies?

You can take the supplements at any time of the day. They are best ingested with food, although this is not necessary. The most important thing is to remember to take your supplements daily, as nutritional health transformations take place over time! We suggest leaving the bottle in a place that will remind you to take your gummies, like by your bed, on your bedside table, or on your office desk.

Is the subscription monthly?

Yes, you sign up to receive your gummies every month taking advantage of a 15% discount with every order, and you can cancel at any time.

How do I use my discount code?

Once you added products to the cart on our website, proceed to view the cart. You can then click on the black button that leads to checkout. There, on the right-hand side, you will see a text box, where you can type in the code. Once you click "apply", the discount should appear in the price breakdown below.

All our discount codes are valid for one purchase only. Please make sure the items in your cart have been discounted before proceeding to payment as we won’t be able to apply the discount once the purchase is complete. Contact our friendly staff via email or live chat if you are having any issues. We are here to help!

Where is my parcel?

We are sorry if you parcel has been delayed. Unfortunately, this can happen sometimes, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Please get in touch and we will contact our delivery partners on your behalf. If there is no sign of your parcel after 21 working days since shipment date, we guarantee we will send you a replacement or issue full refund.

Where do you ship Yumi gummies from?

We ship our orders to the EU countries from a Montapacking fulfilment facility based in The Netherlands. Orders to other countries will be sent Royal Mail International Tracked service.